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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
3:05 am
3:04 am
more sol end

After slashing ZdarkastZ for awhle he ended :( his body didnt show but he was dead..

This guy is a chao maker >< but cancels alot so no one really goes chao when he dies

This guy lagged i believe cause i was slashing at him for awhile and he just stood there -_-;;
3:02 am
Bbknights Challange..
He begged me to duel him.. so I finally agreed.. being hesitant because of my downgraded ac.

We dueled with oranges... i wanted to duel w/o pots or with reds since ojs costed money but he sayed that in a real fight only use oranges.. well i use reds most of time.. so..

Anyways 1st duel he ran away b4 he ended and sayed that I was cheating using fire wpn, and iron skin or something like that.. then i got canceled. Then he says he got his quest sword wielded instead of his real sword.. (i doubt it since it did the same damage as the 2nd and 3rd duel). Everyone kept detecting thinking there was a mage healing or elf nb me in coi or something.. but i was in the same party as bbk

2nd duel...

I won with about 20 ojs left.. and almost 3/4 hp and their excuse this time was that he was lagging ?? If anything i was the one who was lagging.. also he later sayed that his green and brave ran out?

3rd duel

After being cancled mutiple times.. and more and more excuses being thrown at me we finally did a 3rd duel.. i had about the same amount of pots left as 2nd duel.. we did 100 ojs each.. this time he sayed i was using speed hack or some kind of hack??.. then they sayed i was using bless ojs and juices?? lol i had put my ojs on the gruond several times for them to check but no one did.. i was using normal ojs..

I was using -very bad ac and +9tsu -_-;; lifestealer told me bbk was using like -8x and +9tsu dun forget he is like 4lvls higher than me i believe~~ we are both con

Everyone was baffled on how i won and bbk chalange me to duel again.. sigh... ~~ now all sol want to duel me

Current Mood: cold
Saturday, August 9th, 2003
1:53 am
More sol end by me ^_^

Poor guy.. always talk shit but end alot --

Doesnt talk much but end alot....

Talks to much and end alot... blame everything on lag 2 hits dead lol

Chao Maker?

Because Paldo rejected him he now cancels all paldo -_-;;

talks to much... very immature

Current Mood: ditzy
1:48 am
Thursday, August 7th, 2003
4:23 pm
Level 50 Quest
It seems that many people are completing it and saying its not as hard as LC said it was. Fieldsoflove has agreed to try the level 50quest with me and 2 other lucky people. We are now currently choosing an Elf and Mage higher level the better ^^ preferably with RoF(2) and COI and lots of counter magic scrolls
If your level 5x and is interested send a comment and ill get back to you.
Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
1:49 am
More Sol End...

End dropped +7COP and HOM:C guess what i got... rite.. the +7cop...
heh i wish i got the HOM:C

Ouch DK elf end that sux

During my drake camping PureFighter and Hkstyle decided to start somethign with me.. and Deenjai joined in.. 3vs1 winner = me
later.. I had a help from Judah who kept hk and pure out of dk morph and i managed to end deenjai.. while tryin to cancel me. He says "sweet" for some reason ~~

This guy seem to end alot... he kbb summon mage so mite be 48 or even 49+

Current Mood: content
Friday, August 1st, 2003
5:19 pm
Enhance end dai!

Enhance end by Me, Youngtrum, Mabup. Drops were some twigs lvl 58 end dai ~_~

Current Mood: creative
Monday, July 28th, 2003
12:27 pm
KUSANG and Hkstyle END!!

How much is belt of soul? and does anyone want to buy?

Im the dk in the center ^^

Current Mood: awake
Friday, July 25th, 2003
4:19 pm

Tiffany says she doesnt want you...

How am I a homo?

Current Mood: bouncy
4:09 pm
Ant Queen

Best drop was a nzel...

After 48hours since it ended it spawned but something odd happend.

This one spawned about 5 seconds after the 1st one spawned. I think this happend the other time too

I also soloed Caspa group twice but didnt get the SS >< no good drops from them either..

Current Mood: ditzy
4:05 pm

How rude...

Greenfox end!

GumDrop end!

Hurricane End!
4:02 pm

All these in 1 day when everyone was sleeping ^_^. Best drop cdai >.
Sunday, July 20th, 2003
10:23 am
Late night duels

It all started with a duel with Bbknights. The first 4-5 duels i won. Then when more people showed up he started to win the rest. Im not sure why my comp only took this screenshot. We were both lagging so it was hard to say if these duels were fair

This is when many many people showed up. Again the SS i took at the end of the duel didnt show up. But Im sure everyone knows the outcome of this duel..

I won but i had like 2hp remaining

I won but low hp remaning aswell

Drake getting rapped

I would have posted the very fun Kent Siege but all the SS are no where to be found -_-

Current Mood: excited
Monday, July 14th, 2003
9:07 pm
Dropping items when you die while being Chaotic
I have heard many people using light weight items and stacking their inventory with it when their chaotic so that when they die they will drop the useless item instead of their good armor. What kind of items do people use now that still drop? I know starting items such as candles dont drop any more.. and i tested lantern fuel and it didnt seem to drop.. any ideas reply on the comments to which items that do not stack light weight and is also droppable.

Current Mood: thoughtful
8:43 pm
Damn So RUDE!!

Very rude.. ..

Current Mood: crazy
8:32 pm
Wanna play Lineage 2?

Click on the link it will set you up with a korean beta accout w/o the use of a korean #

Current Mood: cynical
Friday, July 11th, 2003
11:04 pm
those who want to play 4th server with me
add me to ur msn beastknightz@msn.com
my char name in 4th server is Jeanna

Current Mood: geeky
10:56 pm

Started at DV beach

Moved to DV top single drake

Caspaz end dai

SuperSX2 end dai

Paperclips enddai too by my dice o.0

Current Mood: crazy
10:54 pm
DK end

Eeek DK !!!

End Dai

Im sexy ^_^

Current Mood: giggly
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